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Über mich: Über die Praxis

Oriana Heer

who i am and what i do

From 2018 - 2021 I completed the medical masseuse school in Zurich Switzerland. After a 6-month (full-time) internship at Physio clinic, I had completed all the requirements to register for the federal exams in October 2022.

Health and sport have been my lifelong companions. Growing up in a very sporty family of doctors, values for health and exercise were taught to me at an early age. I still take great care of it today. I am a passionate and ambitious triathete (not professional) since 2010. My first education as a vet assistant was a great experience and my love to animals is still very big. My way brought me a little bit later to the Army, where I was able to experience a very instructive and formative time. But after 10 years in the military, I wanted to turn my hobby and passion into a career and decided to do the 4 years long education as a Medical Masseur.

Health is our greatest asset, which we must take care of. I want to heal my patients sustainably and protect them from injuries through correctly applied prophylaxis. I will show you ways and means that will enable you to lead a better and healthier life and to be more productive.

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